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Bulk Outdoor vacuum machine

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Features:Adopting leading technologies from Japan and south Korea, integrated with multiple functions such as sealing and aerating, using air pressure for sealing to fully eliminate the phenomenon of infirm sealing in traditional packaging and sealing method.
It takes only 2-3 seconds to complete due to high vacuum speed. You may aerate nitrogen or any other gas as required. You may also conduct simple printing such as production date and warranty. Also , you may conduct vacuum packaging for oversize or strange shaped products without being limited by dimension or size.

Outdoor vacuum machine VS-600
Max sealing size(MM)L600*W10
Minimum sealing size(MM)L600×unlimited
power supply1φ/220V 50HZ 2800W/h
Net weight80kg
Description:Applicable to electronic products such as semiconductor, chip IC and metal worked parts as well as fabrics, cotton and wool products for damp proof and antioxidant purposes. Vacuum packaging may reduce packaging volume and minimize logistics cost. Nitrogen aeration may keep food, fruit, vegetable and seafood fresh, maintain their natural flavour and pro-ect them from external impact.
Welcome to buy discount and cheap provide outdoor and indoor vacuum packing machine suit for company and corporation with large production ability in bulk with Huayatai Packing and check the pricelist and quotation with us. We have quite a few products in stock. And the equipment is sold at low price. Don’t hesitate any more.Bulk Outdoor vacuum machine

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